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Chinese Website Translation is not simply translating contents just from English into Chinese. It is quite different from the traditional translation in the following ways:

Topic & Chinese Keyword Research

It needs the translator to start a topic and Chinese keyword research before the Chinese website translation. It is very important that the translator knows well about the subject to be translated and the proper Chinese search terms (Chinese keywords) commonly used by the Chinese searchers. Otherwise, your web pages will not be found if the incorrect keywords are used.

topic and chinese keyword reseach

Web Page Translation

It not only translates the website content but also the other webpage elements such as keywords, headings, titles, and meta tags, etc. These are easily ignored but important in Chinese SEO and web usability.

web page translation

Web Content Optimization

It needs the translators bearing the Chinese SEO rules in mind during the Chinese translation processes so that the website content is well optimized.

web content optimization

Proof Reading

It should also consider the Chinese culture and searcher’s practice upon the proof reading process.

proof reading

All of these are really an extremely time-consuming process to accomplish for a single website. That is the main difference with the traditional translation and also why most automatic translation software cannot help.

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Chinese Website Translation

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