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Chinese SEO - FAQ

1. What is Chinese SEO?

Ans: Chinese SEO is regarded as Chinese Search Engine Optimization. Its ultimate goal is to attract more potential & targeted Chinese visitors to your website by natural searches from search engines. In order to get your website ranked high in search engines, it requires to carefully study your business, products, services, website and competitors, then optimize your Chinese website content and its structure using proper website optimization techniques, as well as effective link building through sophisticated SEO techniques and social media.

2. What is the difference between English SEO and Chinese SEO?

Ans: In general, Chinese SEO is similar to English SEO but with a bit different due to various social, political and technological reasons in the Internet market in China. Keyword Research for the Chinese online marketing is also different from the English market. For example, there are several different phrases to describe the same thing for different Chinese languages and regions. It will be fruitless in your web design and SEO efforts if you target an incorrect keyword.

3. Does the internet regulation in China affect Chinese SEO?

Ans: It really affects Chinese SEO especially the so-called “Great Firewall” which is the government managed firewall to monitor and control the content viewed by Chinese Internet users. If a website contains any content deemed inappropriate, it will be blocked. The worse situation is that the whole server (including your website) is blocked if one site hosted on your server is banned. Chinese SEO cannot benefit you if your Chinese website is inaccessible. Hence, it is better to host your website with a server in mainland China, placing you inside of the "Great Firewall". However, the current regulation in China prevents foreign companies securing the necessary licenses to host in China. The alternative is to host in one of China's special administrative regions - Hong Kong or Macau.

4. What is black hat SEO and how to avoid?

Ans: Black hat SEO is also referred as unethical SEO techniques which tricks search engines to get higher ranking at a short time. However, search engines will blacklist and ban your entire website if it is found. Many SEO service providers use the black hat SEO techniques to get fast results. Hence, it should note and avoid the following unethical practices:

  • Cheat
  • Do not try to trick web surfers into visiting a website by using inaccurate keywords, Meta tags, and content, or by false advertising or unethical page redirects.
  • Tag padding
  • Do not try to use multiple versions of the same tag to get more information through to search engines than you can with one tag.
  • Image padding
  • Do not use words in your alt text attribute for images that have nothing to do with the image being described.
  • Keyword padding
  • Do not engage in padding keywords into web pages that have nothing to do with the website’s business.
  • Keyword listing
  • Do not list keywords in the body of the website content when their purpose is not clear.
  • Hidden text
  • Do not try to add keyword-stuffed text to a web page where the font color matches the background color of the web page.
  • Oversubmit
  • Do not submit a URL to any search engine, directory, and search listing more than once in any 24 hour period.
  • Duplicate page submission
  • Do not submit web pages with identical or similar content but in different file names.

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